Commercial Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services in Tampa, FL

Commercial Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services Tampa

Bathroom Cleaning

Modern Cleaning Solutions, LLC provides two methods of bathroom disinfection in Tampa, FL. For small, office type of bathrooms we utilize microfiber technology mops and towels in combination with Peroxy HDOX. For larger commercial bathrooms like in gyms or schools, we deploy the Kaivak, no-touch high pressure wash system. This is an all in one system that sprays all surfaces with Peroxy HDOX solution at 500 psi and removes the excess liquid with a HEPA high suction vacuum.

Why Choose Commercial
Bathroom Deep Cleaning Services?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose commercial bathroom cleaning services, including the ones listed below:

Avoid Health Hazards

A commercial restroom sees constant foot traffic throughout the day. There needs to be more than just a basic cleaning to maintain the level of sanitation necessary for the expected and required safety standard. After all, there may be trouble brewing under seemingly clean surfaces, and you won’t like the aftermath. An unclean restroom may become a health hazard you never want to face.

Extra Precaution for a Safe Environment

Choosing a commercial deep cleaning service means you are taking extra precautions that can bring you long-term benefits.

Positive Impression

Your employees or customers will also appreciate your commitment to public health and safety. We perform no-touch deep cleaning with Kaivak. This is an all in one system that sprays all surfaces with Peroxy HDOX solution at 500 psi and removes the excess liquid with a HEPA high suction vacuum.

If you are planning to go the extra mile for your employee’s health benefits, Modern Cleaning Solutions can help. Our commercial bathroom deep cleaning service is curated to fit your specific needs and priced to suit your budget.


Green Cleaning Solutions
By Green Master Certified Company

Cleaning chemicals aren’t always safe, as most cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals, like aerosols or carcinogenic chemicals. Modern Cleaning Solutions uses eco-friendly cleaning products that do not pose any health risks to you or your employees. As a result, we use curated commercial cleaning methods and products to ensure cleanliness without causing any adverse effects on your health. Additionally, we are Green Master Certified to ensure we follow the latest green cleaning methods.

Modern Cleaning Solutions is a certified ensured, licensed, and bonded commercial cleaning company in Tampa. With over five years of experience, we are more than capable of handling your commercial cleaning needs. Get in touch with us today to talk about your commercial cleaning needs.


Trained Professional to Ensure
You Get the Service You Expected

When it’s about the safety of your employees or customers, it is best to choose professionals with knowledge. With Modern Cleaning Solutions, you can rest assured that our professionals are highly trained to give you the best outcome. Our professionals are equipped with tools, methods, and experience that match the industry’s best practices.

Hire our experts, whom you can trust to keep your commercial facility thoroughly clean.


Commercial Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service
Curated to Suit Your Needs

You are not just another business to us. That’s why we curate customized solutions that suit your needs, purpose, and budget. Our team customizes the cleaning solutions based on your commercial facility’s size, footfall density, and operation schedule. You can rest assured that we will take care of your facility just as required.


Advantages of Working with Us

  • Over five years of experience.
  • Highly trained cleaning crew.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning company.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.
  • Flexible cleaning schedules.
  • All-in-one-place commercial cleaning solutions in Tampa.
  • Trusted by your industry peers. We have 5-star Google reviews and BBB A+ rating.

Talk to our team for customized commercial cleaning solutions that work for you.