Janitorial Services in Tampa, FL

Disinfectant Used

To mop or clean any surfaces we use Peroxy HDOX. It is a neutral fragrance hydrogen peroxide solution capable of killing not only bacteria but also viruses. It’s approved by the EPA and capable of eliminating even the most stubborn viruses like Ebola. It is environmentally friendly because it contains no butyls, trichloroethane or other harsh hazardous ingredients known to cause respiratory issues to humans or pets.


We only vacuum with HEPA filtration vacuums. It’s a high efficiency particulate vacuum. They are much more effective because they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small microne size particles. HEPA filter can trap 99.7% of all airborne particles larger than .03 micrones. They alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma or COPD.


We mop with bucket-less mops, microfiber flat mops and Peroxy HDOX solution. Microfiber products are composed a lint free synthetic fibers. Each fiber is split during manufacturing – this split structure makes microfiber highly effective for mopping. The tiny fibers make the fabric very absorbent, so the pad holds enough water for cleaning. It doesn’t drip or spread microbials. It allows you to remove 99% of all dirt and germs.


We dust ceiling fans or A/C vents with microfiber mop dusters. They trap dust particles instead of spreading them and making them airborne again. All other surfaces are wiped down and disinfected with microfiber towels. The same split fiber structure captures microbes and effectively removes them from the surfaces whether it is an office desk or physician’s examination room table.

Trash Removal

We can remove your trash from interior office space or outdoors on the sidewalks. Upon request, we will use bio-degradable trash bags.

Window Cleaning

We would be happy to include your one-story inside-and-out window cleaning. For multistory buildings, we provide the cleaning of interior side of the windows. We use Etore natural rubber squeegees and environmentally friendly window washing solution.