Commercial Cleaning Services that Make an Impression

As a commercial business owner, you know that first impressions matter. Maintaining your facility is essential to presenting a neat and clean pace, maintaining your facility, increasing productivity, and attracting customers. As one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Tampa, we offer a wide range of services.

  • Janitorial Services – Keep your commercial space clean with regularly scheduled cleanings.
  • Carpet Cleaning – We use the latest technology to help make stains and spots disappear.
  • Floor Care – From VCT to ceramic tile, we offer enhanced floor care for many flooring surfaces.
  • Disinfecting – Our sanitizing solutions can help keep your workplace, employees, and clients safe and healthy. We offer COVID fogging as well.
  • No Touch Deep Clean – We use Kaivak, a no-touch, high-pressure, all-in-one wash system.

No matter the level of service you need, we have the equipment, certified technicians, and skills to perform the job right. Also, we can customize our services based on your specific needs. Whether you need a deep or standard daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, we are one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Tampa. And we’re ready to show you our quality work.

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Highlights of Our Cleaning Process

Environmentally-Friendly Disinfectant

When mopping and cleaning surfaces, we use Peroxy HDOX, a hydrogen peroxide solution. This disinfectant has a neutral fragrance and kills bacteria and viruses. Also, it’s approved by the EPA to kill COVID and is environmentally friendly. Because it contains no butyls, trichloroethane, or other harsh and hazardous ingredients, it is a good product for humans or pets.


We mop with bucketless mops and microfiber flat mops. Also, we use a Peroxy HDOX solution. Microfiber products are composed of lint-free synthetic fibers. Each fiber is split during manufacturing, making it stronger and highly effective for mopping. Additionally, the tiny fibers make the fabric absorbent, so the pad holds enough water for cleaning. And the mops don’t drip or spread microbials, allowing us to remove 99% of all dirt and germs.


We dust ceiling fans and AC vents with microfiber dusters, which trap dust particles instead of making them airborne. We wipe down and disinfect all other surfaces with microfiber towels. The split fiber structure captures microbes and effectively removes them from the surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaning

We provide two methods of bathroom disinfection. For small office bathrooms, we use microfiber technology mops and towels in combination with Peroxy HDOX. For larger commercial bathrooms similar to those in gyms or schools, we use Kaivak, a no-touch, high-pressure wash system. This all-in-one system sprays surfaces with Peroxy HDOX solution at 500 psi and removes the excess liquid with a HEPA high suction vacuum.

Trash Removal

We remove trash from interior office spaces and exterior sidewalks outside.

Window Washing

We perform inside and outside window washing services for windows on the first floor. For multistory buildings, we offer interior window cleaning. For both services, we use Etore natural rubber squeegees and an environmentally friendly window-washing solution.